Michael Crowley

Michael J. Crowley was Frater Superior Chief and Greatly Honored Hierophant of the Mountain Temple Order of the Golden Dawn, in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as continuing to serve as Director of its umbrella organization, Mountain Temple Center, and Co-Founder/Regent of the (non-accredited) Arizona University of Magick.

Until his death he taught a weekly metaphysical class at the Alpha Book Center, in Phoenix.

Crowley became an Adeptus Minor in the Order of the Golden Dawn in 1994, and an Exempt Adept in 1999. He was initiated into the grade of Magister Templi on 8 May 2001 by Visible and Invisible Chiefs in the direct lineage of Mathers, A. Crowley, Regardie, and their living successors. He also holds the IVth Degree, Knight of the East and West in the Ordo Templi Orientis (Caliphate) and is a Priest of the Ecclesia Gnosticae Catholicae. He was involved with the O.T.O. for eight years.  Crowley was also a Third Degree Lord High Priest and Magus of Gardnerian Wicca, having been involved with that tradition for over twenty years. He took the New Age Community Church seminary program. He was also a licensed Minister of the Universal Life Church. Crowley is a descendent of the bards and wise ones of old Eire, and is rumored to be a distant cousin of the notorious Aleister Crowley, from whom he claimed to have received teachings and communications in the Astral plane.