Kabbalah (also spelled, Cabala, Kabbala) is an esoteric system of interpreting The Five Books of Moses (the first five books of the Bible, also called The Pentateuch).  A thousand-year-old Jewish system, it is used by New Agers and metaphysicians in conjunction with the Biblical Book of Revelation and the 22 major arcana of the tarot. Some also claim it can be tied to the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the seven chakras of the astral body.  It is based upon a tradition said to have been handed down orally from Abraham. Historically, the system appears to have been formulated in the 11th century. in France, and from there spread most notably to Spain. There were undoubtedly precedents, however. Kabbalistic elements are discernible in Jewish Gnosticism, which has its roots in the early Christian era. Beyond the specifically Jewish notions contained within The Kabbala, some scholars believe that it reflects a strong Neo-platonic influence, especially in its doctrines of emanation and the transmigration of souls.  In the late 15th and 16th centuries, Christian thinkers found support in The Kabbala for their own doctrines, out of which they developed a Christian kabbala. Kabbalistic interpretation of scripture is based on the belief that every word, letter, number,  



The Kabbalists divided the universe into four worlds, each consisting of ten spheres an the spheres of each world were arranged into what is called the Sepherothic Tree or the Tree of Life. The tree contains ten circles, representing the number one to ten and they are connected together by 22 paths—the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The ten numbers plus the 22 letters result in the occult number 32, which, according to The Mishna, signifies the 32 Paths of Wisdom. Letters and numbers, according to the Kabbalists, are the keys to all knowledge, for by a secret system of arranging them the mysteries of creation are revealed. For this reason they are called “:The Paths of Wisdom”. This occult truth is carefully concealed in the 32 degrees of Masonry.

and even accent, contain the keys to spiritual mysteries interpretable by those who knew the secret. The names for God were believed to contain miraculous power and each letter of the divine name was onsidered potent, and kabbalistic signs and writings were used as amulets and in magical practices.  While there are many books written about The Kabbala, the two principal kabbalistic books are the Sefer Yezirah (Book of Creatlion) and the Zohar.The first develops, in a series of monologues supposedly delivered by Abraham, the doctrine of the Sefiroth (the powers emanating from God, through which the world is created and its order sustained), using the primordial numbers of the late Pythagoreans in a system of numerical interpretation. It was probably written in the third century. The Zohar is a mystical commentary on the Pentateuch. It was written by Moses de Leon in the third century but is attributed by him to Simon Ben Yohal, the treat scholar of the second century.  The Tree of Life is a diagram of the entire universe, i.e., the body of God, and everything in the universe. With proper use, it is said that the Tree of the Life can reveal all the information there is and show the relationships between everything that exists.

                                     HOW THE KABBALA CAME INTO BEING

      The only correct answer to this question is: Through divination!!          

     In Hebrew every letter is also a numeral, so that a series of characters may be read as a word or a number.  

         The Kabbalists used this fact and created different systems to make new words out of old words.  

     In one system they would count up the numerical value of a word and then find another word with the same value, creating various new sentences until they found one that made some kind of sense to them. In another system, they would make each letter of a word the first letter of a new word, thus creating a sentence out of a word.    

    The Kabbalists worked with the grammatical structure of the Hebrew language to create rules for breaking words up.    

    Eventually several dictionaries were created that assisted the Kabbalists in choosing words and putting words together.    

    Ultimately, the choice of words and the meaning that they were given was due to the inspiration of the Kabbalist. Just like reading tarot cards or interpreting an astrology chart, intuition and experience is needed to put forth a sound interpretation.     

    The original Kabbalists possessed great intuition