Moses   (c. 1572 -1452 BC 7 Adar 2368 – 7 Adar 2488)

 Legendary founder of the Jewish religion and author of the first five books of the Bible (The Torah) (Thothmoses II - prince and high-priest of Egypt) Moses "simply means 'born of' in Egyptian, his native language.. The name normally requires another name prefixed to it, such as  Rameses (born of Ra) or Amenmosis (born of Amen) It seems very likely to us that either Moses himself or some later scribe dropped the first half of his name because it was the name of an Egyptian god .

The birth story of Moses is thought by many to be a fiction created in the sixth century BC echoing, for the birth of the Jewish nation, the ancient theme of creation emerging from the waters. The birth narrative of Sargon I, who ruled over Babylon and Sumer hundred of years before Moses states his mother "set me in a basket of rushes; with bitumen she sealed my lid. She cast me into the river, which rose not over me."


Senmut/Tutmoses II (Moses) is groomed to become pharaoh. He is the architect of Deir El Bahri, the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut.  Another name for Moses: Hatshepsut Xnem Amen -  (offspring of Hatshepsut by the god Amen). Suggesting that the true father of Moses was unknown.


The last that we hear of Senenmut (Moses) is in year 16 of Hatshepsut's reign.. He would have been about 38 at this time.This is when he went into exile.


About this time another son of Hatshepsut named Thothmosis competed with Moses for the position of Pharoah. Apparently Moses was exiled at this time.



(above) The Pharoah's daughter Hatshepsut who found Moses

(below) Moses in the lap of Hatshepsut