Anubis Effect
Man brought before Anubis, who weighs the soul and casts him down or lets him procede on to God.  
Anubis Effect is the name given to all the programs you have acquired since birth, or even before - programs that reflect the unconscious attitude you have toward yourself.

You try one direction and it doesn’t work So you try something else. You are working like crazy,wearing yourself out and getting nowhere. What’s going on?


You cause yourself to fail. You are not aware that you are doing it because it is unconscious. This is is the Anubis Effect.  We call it the Anubis Effect because Anubis was an ancient Egyptian god, who stood between the individual soul and Osiris(heaven), who weighed the soul and made judgement against the individual.


To understand  the problem you must first understand yourself and what makes you what you are.You are the Watcher (consciousness) . . . .and . . . . the Actor (the body).  Rarely does the actor respond to stimulus from the Watcher. Most of the time the Actor is responding to the environment.


The environment that causes the Actor to act is the external environment . . . and . . . .the internal environment. The external environment is the world around you. People, things and stuff. The internal environment is your programs and memories which you have acquired since birth, or even before.


That’s right . These thousands of unconscious, subconscious programs, which we call the Anubis Effect are at work - controlling your life, making your decisions dnd preventing you from doing the things you really want.


Now that we understand the nature of the problem, we can lay back and accept it, or we can do something about it.