Color healing is based on the fact that sunlight is the source of all life and energy on Earth. And this energy is the basic ingredient of color therapy. How can colored light possibly cause a physiological effect inside a human body? Sunlight as it is received is split into the prismatic colors as white light as it passes through a prism. Those colors on the red side of the spectrum are more or less stimulating, while the blue is calming. There are many shades of each color, and each is a different wave length.
The use of color as a therapy has a long history. The idea that our repressed or unexpressed emotions can actually affect our physical health may be new to some people. Perhaps newer is the idea that colored light applied to the body can be a powerful key to unlock the mysterious interactive connection between body, mind and spirit. Color healing has been known for centuries. Is has been said that the ancient Egyptians built healing temples of light and color based on this theory.Color has such a subtle effect on our lives that we rarely give it a second thought. Physical color in the environment affects our moods, relationships, and well being. The colors you wear and see in your surroundings have a huge but perhaps largely subconscious effect on your moods, actions and mental emotional states of being and function.
Color therapy acts on the aura. Any illness, pain, infection, attack, shock, breakdown, or other harmful occurrence will result in an aura change in that area. Each organ radiates its own color. By viewing the aura, one can tell by the presence or absence of color what the person’s Illness may be. For example the liver radiates a frequency equivalent to red light. The pituitary radiates green, the spleen violet, the heart magenta, the Iymphatic system yellow, and so on. In order to balance and heal the body, the approiate color is projected upon the affected areas or sometimes the whole body. By activating the natural healing powers already within us, rather than relying on drugs and their dangerous side effects, we strengthen our body.
There are eight ‘power’ colors. They are the divisions within the visible spectrum produced when white light is passed through a prism. Each of these colors relate physically to a particular endocrine gland and one or more vital organs. Color energy is to our endocrine system what water, sunshine and carbon dioxide are to a growing plant. They are essential to maintaining life and health. Put another way, ‘Color Therapy’ is the awareness and scientific application of color. Using color consciously is the beginning of our taking a quantum step forward in healing.
The power of color


PURPLE UPPER VERTIBRAE Inner conflict Eases pain, induces relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and  temperature. develops intuition Headaches


THYROID, THROAT,  ARMS Low self-esteem
Relieves itching and irritation

Is a mild sedative.

Reduces or removes fever and inflammation.
Depression and sorrow


HEART, LUNGS Feeling unloved Stimulates  rebuilding of muscles and tissue.

Destroys germs and bacteria.

Cleanses and prevents decay.
Lack of emotional control


Stimulates the motor nervous system
Builds sensory and motor systems. Increases bowel movement.
Over active thoughts


A lung builder and respiratory stimulant.

Relievs cramps and muscle spasms.

A stomach stimulant.


 SEX ORGANS Insecurity Stimulates the sensory nervous system.          

Energizes the five senses.

A liver builder and stimulant.

see photochromotherapy.