Color is one of the properties of light. What is light? It is an electromagnetic radiation. Although a few say that light is a stream of particles traveling in a spiral pattern, light is generally thought of as a wave. To understand light waves, let us think about waves in water. The wave is energy traveling through the water. When a wave moves across water, it does not mean that the water is moving. The water is actually hardly moving at all. It is the energy of the wave that is moving. All waves are traveling energy, and they are usually moving through some medium, such as water or air. Light on the other hand do not seem to need a medium to travel through. It can travel through a vacuum.

Light waves travel in many frequencies. The frequency is the number of waves that pass a point at any time. The frequency of visible light is referred to as color, and its full range can be seen in the rainbow. In the rainbow we have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, and all the colors in between..The full range of light frequencies extends far beyond what we can see.  Of the colors we do see, violet has the highest frequency and red the least.  In order for us to see an object, light must be reflected, transmitted, or scattered from that object. So vision involves our eyes perceiving light after it has interacted with an object.

In spiritual or religious writings light is often used as a metaphor for the highest potential in human development (enlightenment] or as a symbolic destination for our lives (toward the light).

The research of a German biophysicist, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp gives evidence that we are, as the spiritual teachers have always said, beings of light. He has shown in a number of experiments that the cells in our bodies emit low level light radiation. Light emission is the way in which cells communicate. Dr. Popp has concluded that “light can initiate or arrest cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired within hours by faint beams of light.”

Peter Mandel, a German naturopath, theorized that “Light is life... Specifically, light is present in the communication between the cells in the body; disease occurs when this communication is broken, when the cells can no longer speak the same language. Giving light has a resonance effect, bringing the cells into the same language again and healing the body.

We are light beings. There are many types of light, and there is spiritual light from a universalcosmic source.  The higher planes are filled with this light, and some planes are nothing but conscious light. You can start to see this light in the higher astral plane. These astral worlds shimmer beyond anything here in the physical. The cosmic light is in the air, the water and permeates all living things. Until you see this first hand, you do not realize how dark our world is. To see this light is only made possible because you have temporarily shed your physical shell. And those who do not resonate at a high enough frequency will not be able to see this light or “ascend” to this plane (and beyond).

Our higher self is constantly speaking to us, but we cannot hear because we are cloaked in a thick veil (ego, the physical shell, fear, and our limiting beliefs) and the vibrations of our current setf are too low for the frequencies of the higher self to get through. The use of cosmic light illuminates the dark corners of our being by raising our vibrations, which brings us into closer alignment with the higher self. When this happens, our divine potential starts to unfold and our life purpose is revealed. We can then receive information from our higher self and start an amazing dialogue.

Because we are light beings, every person can increase the cosmic light within them, and use it to communicate on different planes, heal, and expand consciousness to a fantastic degree. In turn, the light from within us starts to radiate outward from our chakras, thus affecting the vibrations of those around us. People don’t know why, but they start to feel happy, energized, and a feeling of peace may come over them while in your presence. It is a scientific fact that when two energies are brought together, the stronger of the two will alter the other. When you create enough light around you, you will alter the frequencies of the people who share your space, even if they are coarse and negative.

It is no mystery why historical books representing spiritual masters always bathed them in light. Light is where knowledge lies. The highest of planes are so white that nothing else exists. And within this light is the Universal Mind. Completely unfiltered, information is instantaneous, without words, and of the highest Truth.

There are several ways we can bring light into our being. The first way is by visualization. We can visualize white light (or sometimes a glowing or shimmering variation of this light with slight hues of gold), and bring this light into our being. I like to see a ball (about 6 inches in diameter) coming through my crown chakra (the space above your head). Here it enters me and comes down through the following chakras, in this order: third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, where it then settles into my solar plexus. When I have fully felt it pass through these chakras, I start to expand this ball of light. It grows in me until it touches all of the chakras (including the root chakra which got missed on entry). Sometimes I let it radiate many feet, or sometimes even enough to fill my entire house. The variation of your visualization is up to you. The point is to fully visualize cosmic light entering you.

The second method is through love. Love and light are basically one and the same. Where there is love, there is light, and where there is light, there is love. If you want to triple (if not more) the effectiveness of your light work, bring the love emotion into your process. It doesn’t matter how you define this love. It can be for humanity, your partner, parents, friends, or whatever. Whatever helps evoke this emotion will do. Ultimately, you will be able to feel the Universal Love for all that is, and use that in your light work. But start with the simple stuff!

There are many benefits to light work. If there is friction between you and a person, visualize light between you two. You may find things then smooth out on their own. Also use light if you are about to do something stressful. If you have some ailment, definitely use cosmic light for healing as well as a specific color relating to that area!

You can use light to help you project which is an area which I will not go into. But I will make the comment that the reason harsh vibrations are present in the beginning of our journeys is because we are not yet developed in terms of our cosmic light. Most advanced projectors may even lose the whole vibration process altogether and just shift into a higher plane through meditation.

There are other benefits to light work that most don’t even realize, and that is that we are also helping the earth in its own ascension process. The more light we bring into us, the more it affects “all living things” around us. It would be narrow-minded to think this does not include the very space we live. I have spoken of ascension and this is not just for humans, but all mass. The earth cleansing, as well as our own, does not have to be so painful. Through light, we can ease suffering.

This is an all-encompassing background or field out of which all life and consciousness unfold a field of light vibrations. We, like all material forms, are made up of light and that “light is energy and it is also information - content, form and structure. It is the potential for everything.” In the light healing work the spiritual or soul development potential of light is strongly emphasized. As I mentioned light and color can be used to support personal evolution or unfolding and that colored light systematically applied to various places on the body or through the eyes can facilitate the exchange of information between the person s conscious, unconscious and super-conscious. On the level of the material world, we humans, in our wholeness, are light beings. We must and always will develop toward the absolute light, which we call God. In this process, we are accompanied by light on the outside and, if we allow it, light on the inside. For each of us, the journey toward our healing and self-discovery will be unique.

We change the energy of whatever we send light to so keep this in mind. Use it to illuminate dark spots in your life, and to increase the gifts already imbued a light being. And the light we give will be returned to us many times over.