Errors in Christianity are exposed. 2000 years ago there were many different kinds of Christian churches. There were the Gnostics, the Jerusalem Church, the Egyptian churches. and various Jewish and Pagan groups that had adopted many doctrines associated with Christianity. They did not all believe the same things about Jesus,  God or his relationship with man. Today's Christian churches, by comparison, are much more uniform, most of them having developed from the Roman Catholic Church which came into existence by merging all the religions in the Roman Empire - both Pagan and Christian.  For the sake of this article, we labeling today's Christians as the Jesus Sect, to distinguish them from the original Christians.  Though the Jesus Sect represents only a segment of Christianity, they have the loudest voice, making the world think they are the ONLY Christians . This page exists to show that there is more than one way of looking at Christianity.




     Most of today's Jesus Sect bases its faith, not on reason or a personal experience with God, but on a book!  A book that has been handed down generation after generation, but  no one knows who wrote it or where it came from. 

     In the Book of Acts, Paul was teaching to the Gentiles just as Jesus had commanded ("Go into all the world") but Peter refused to accept this new doctrine because it was not written in the Torah. Christians today will not accept anything new from God unless they can find it in the Bible.

     In other words, they make the same mistake Peter did: They put more faith in a book than in God himself.  This is a sin and is called bibliolatry. 

     When Jesus wanted to insult someone, he called them lawyers. Most of today's Christians treat the bible as a law book, and like lawyers, they split hairs and twist and warp the words to mean what they choose. 

     Do you believe the Bible is greater than God? 




     According to the basic teachings of the Jesus Sect, God committed a number of  mistakes at creation:

What do they say was God's first mistake?

He thought he had made man perfect (in God's image and likeness) but man was not perfect. He did not think clearly. Not knowing this, God told Adam not to eat the fruit,  but Adam disobeyed God and ate it anyway. A perfect being would not have done this.


What do they say was God's second mistake?

Rather than simply erase Adam's sin, he permitted it to be passed one from generation to generation on to innocent people who had nothing to do with Adam's decision.


What do they say was God's third mistake?

God came up with a long, complicated plan in which he would get his only begotten son killed and this would atone for all the sins the world would commit.


What do they say was God's fourth mistake?

He did not have his son killed right away, but waited for over 4000 years to do it. During which time millions of souls died in sin, a problem for which th Jesus Sect can offer no solution.

Do you believe that God makes mistakes?


     The Jesus Sect, in its Trinity Doctrine, says that Jesus is actually God.

      In the Fourth Century they invented a complex and chaotic doctrine to explain how Jesus could be both the son of God and God himself. They teach that Mary was a child of God and that God begot himself, Jesus, through her (the Bible actually say that Jesus was the son of the Holy Ghost.

      At the Jordan River, after he is baptized by John, Jesus (God) sees the Holy Spirit of God descending from the sky and a voice from heaven (God) says, "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased."

     This is a chaotic doctrine and, in the Bible, Jesus disagrees with it. 

    "As he was setting out on a journey, a man ran up and knelt before him, and asked him, "Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?"" Jesus said to him, "Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone."  (Mark 10:17-18)




      (When the Jesus Sect says "Free-Will" they do not mean man has free choice. They mean that man has it is the ability to make moral choices without any prior prejudice, inclination, or disposition)

     Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them."  So how could a perfect being - an angel - Lucifer - commit sin. This was a tough question for Christian theologians to answer. From the second or third century onward most Christians believed that not only has God always known what choices individuals will make, but he has actually determined those choices - the doctrine of predestination.  While this doctrine explains everything, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

       More recently many Christians have come to believe that God has given each individual the power of Free-Will, the ability to freely make a choice unaffected any internal or external conditions. 

       This doctrine of Free-Will violates the laws of Cause and Effect. It says that a choice can be made that is not effected by any other thoughts or ideas.

       But the doctrine of Free-Will is necessary to explain how evil can exist in a world that God said was perfect.

        Do you believe that God created an imperfect world?


     Surprisingly this doctrine was not always a part of Christianity. Originally many Christians believed that Jesus only channeled Christ, that Christ spoke through him. Jesus referred to Christ as his Father, or his Father in Heaven.  The early Christians believed that when one reached a high level of faith, Christ would make his presence known to them in the same way. To make ones presence known was a parousia (παρουσία), the "appearance and subsequent presence with."  This word was stretched to mean "a coming".

      Among the early Christians a group arose that believed in the Pagan Greek teachings that God begat a child with a mortal and that this child was the Christ. Through ignorance or deliberate error, the expression "Christ making his presence known" was interpreted to mean the second "coming of Christ."

     For centuries the Jesus Sect has been awaiting this "Second Coming" of Jesus, confusing it with the parousia of Christ. And for over 1000 years, various teachers have claimed annually that he was coming THAT year! And every single time they have been wrong. Because the coming of Christ (the parousia) is a spiritual event that can happen to each individual at any time - not a rapture, the whole world (at least the true believers) being caught up into the sky. 

      Do you believe that Jesus is going to come someday and gather up the "true believers" and then destroy the Earth behind him, or do you believe Christ can come to you personally?



     The Jesus Sect, in its teachings, says that some people go to heaven when they die. They have confused Paradise with heaven.  If Paradise and Heaven were the same thing, that would mean that Adam and Eve dwelt in Heaven! They did not. The Bible teaches that when we die we go to Hell,. which is divided into two parts : Paradise and Prison. No where in the Bible does it say that anyone besides Christ ever went to Heaven.



      The Jesus Sect believes that God dwells somewhere up in the sky. If this is so, why haven't we ever seen it in our telescopes? This error is based on their failure to understand Greek and Hebrew the languages the Bible was written in.

    The Hebrew word "shamayim" and the Greek word "uranos" are translated "heaven" in the King James Bible.  But each of these words has three different meanings: (1)the place where birds and clouds fly, (2)the starry heavens, and  (3) the place where God dwells (St Paul called this the third heaven) 

       Do you believe that God dwells up in the sky, or up in a high mountain?