Eve (Hebrew: חַוָּה‎, Chavah, (translation: life) is a figure in the Book of Genesis. According to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions, she was the mother of all life. (i.e. Mother Nature) In Genesis Eve is created to be ezer kenegdo, a term that is notably difficult to translate. The full implication of this phrase is that Eve was an intervening part of Adam acting in his behalf.

In Genesis she was created by God from a side part of Adam, the first being who dwelt in Paradise (i.e. the Grden of Eden). According to Genesis God created her to be a physical expression of Adam, open to color. shape and form.  As such, she was aware of the serpent and partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, sharing it with Adam.  As a result, the first beings were ousted from Paradise. 

The woman is called ishah, woman, with an explanation that this is because she was taken from ish, meaning "man"; though, in fact, the two words are not connected. Later, after they  leave paradise she is given the name, Hawwah, Eve. This means "life" in Hebrew, from a root that can also mean "snake"  Some see a connection between the word ishah and Isis, from which are derived the names of all the early goddess whose names begin with As-.