Fairies are elementals. Conscious little energy forms that are usually associated with plants and  other natural objects. Elementals are found in trees, flowers, flames, rivers, mountains and lakes. Many psychics can see them and many others can easily sense their presence.

If you believe ln fairies, clap your hands!
That's what Peter Pan asked of all the children who were reading his story.
The fairy Tinkerbelle would die if no one believed in her.

Lots of people believe in angels, so what’s wrong with believing in fairies?

New Age authority, Rev. Dr. John Rodgers, says "I’m not ashamed to say that I believe in fairies. I have-known several in my lifetime. First of all, fairies do not look like the pictures in books.  Fairies are not “little people”.  They are not tiny human beings with wings. They are astral beings. And they are not all little. Some are the size of a football field."

Dr. Rodgers tells of his experiences with faires:

I had a little fire fairy living in my apartment 30 ago. She would dance in the flame of a candle when I lit it. I knew she was there because the candle flame would sway to the rhythm of the music I played. When I pointed her out to visitors, some would doubt that it was really a fire fairy (they are properly called salamanders).pan class="Apple-converted-space"> So I would light two candles. Only one would sway to the music. When I snuffed that flame out, my little salamander .would leap to the other candle, and it’s flame would start to sway.

The little salamander stayed with me until I got married and moved out. Either she got lost during the moving process, or she was jealous of my new wife. At any rate I haven’t seen her since

When we moved in down here in Southwest Phoenix, we planted a couple of citrus trees. One was a grapefruit tree, the other a citrus salad tree with three different fruits growing from the same trunk.

We spoke to the elementals of the trees and welcomed them. We promised them that we would keep them watered and do all we could for their welfare. Within one year the dwarf grapefruit tree had grown 100 grapefruits. The citrus salad tree was having difficulty because each fruit stem had its own elemental and the root probably did, too.

We got the sense that the three (or four) elementals were fighting for dominance. Eventually one of the fruits died, and the other two worked out a truce. But it took many years before this tree began to bear fruit like the grapefruit tree.

Do you have an elemental in your garden, or in your fireplace or in a nearby pond or stream? If you are very still maybe you can hear them singing, or see them dancing or even talk to them. But first of all, you have to believe.

If you do, clap your hands. 

What are fairies?

Who are these fairy folk? Some believe they are fallen angels, thrown out of heaven, who weren't quite bad enough to be banished to hell. Some believe they are the ancient gods of the earth, who when no longer worshipped and fed with sacrifices, shrank to a diminutive size. 

The fairies and elves are souls, the consciousness of the plants and flowers.  They are the elementals who work with the vegetables, fruits, and all the plant-life that covers the earth's surface. There are also the greater fairies - devas - who are connected to stones, mountains, rivers, oceans and the sacred spots of the Earth. 

 There are the elementals (fairieis) of the air and sea, the sylphs, the water fairies, and the devas who also guard human beings.

Various types of fairies

Some types of fairies live in communities, in the hollow hills, or fairy mounds. Others are more solitary in nature. 

The spirit consciousness that ensouls a plant or location.  A spirit formed of one of the elements. The four elementals are salamanders (fire), sylphs (air), undines (water), and gnomes (earth).

Dryad - A deity or nymph of the woods. Similar to ancient Greek  hamadryad. [nymph of an oak tree.

Elf - Garden or woodland fairy

Faerie - Archaic spelling of fairy.

Faery - Archaic spelling of fairy.

Fairy -One of a class of elemental beings. usually associated with gardens and plants

Fairy Ring - A circle formed on the grass in a field by the growth of certain fungi, formerly supposed to be caused by fairies in their dances.  Perhaps an ancient crop circle.

Fay - n. A fairy.

Faun -  A rural elemental having a human shape, with the ears, horns, tail and hind legs of a goat.

Gnome -  One of a species of elenetals, usually  inhabiting the interior of the earth and acting as guardians of its mineral riches.

Hamadryad -A dryad who is the spirit of a particular tree.

Naiad -  Any of a class of nymphs presiding over rivers and springs.A Greek water nymph.)

Nymph - One of a class of elementals inhabiting the sea, rivers, woods, trees, mountains, etc., and frequently mentioned as attending a superior deity.

Salamander - A fire elemental thought to resemble a lizard or other reptile,.

Sprite -  An elf, fairy or goblin.

Sylph -   One of a race of elementals supposed to inhabit the air.

Troll - n. A Scandinavian gnome

Undine -  One of a group of female water spirits. According to Paracelsus ,(who was Philippus Aureolus 1493?-1541, Swiss physician and alchemist), when an undine married a mortal and bore a child, she received a soul.

Wood Nymph - : a nymph living in woods -- called also dryad