Hieronymus Machine is a general term that refers to the patented Radionics devices invented by electrical engineer Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus  (November 1895–1988). Hieronymus received a U.S. Patent for his invention in 1949, which was described in the application title as a device for "detection of emanations from materials and measurement of the volumes thereof."


The theory of operation on which Hieronymus Machines are based is that all matter emits a kind of "radiation" that is not electromagnetic, but exhibits some of the characteristics of both light and electricity. The quality of this emanation is unique to every kind of matter, and therefore can be utilized for detection and analysis. Hieronymus coined the term "eloptic energy" to describe this radiation (from the words "electrical" and "optical".) All of his machines were designed to detect and manipulate this eloptic energy. Eloptic emanations have never been detected by instruments designed to measure electromagnetic energies, so the theory is not accepted by mainstream science.


The inventions of Hieronymus were championed by Astounding Science Fiction editor John W. Campbell in late 1950s and early 1960s editorials.  Campbell was convinced that the machines were almost magical in nature, and that symbplic representations the of Hieronymus Machine could work by analogy or symbolism, directing the user's ESP powers.


As an example, Campbell believed one could create an eloptic receiver or similar device with the prisms and amplifiers represented by their cardboard or even schematic representations. Through the use of mental powers, such a machine would function as well as its "real" equivalent. While Campbell claimed that Hieronymus machines actually did perform this way, the concept was never fully accepted by Hieronymus nor pursued by him in later years.

Below find a schematic diagram of the Heironymus Machine, You can use it to build your own machine or use it as it is:

Build your own Hieronymus Machine

Make a high resolution copy of the diagram above..

The Hieronymus Machine image can be downloaded and printed out, and should fit nicely on a standard sheet of paper..


1. Print out the Hieronymus diagram and the knob.

2. Mount the diagram and knob on a suitable backing. A laminated (hard, glossy)surface material is the best type from which to get stick reactions from the sensor pad. Also have the knob laminated, and cut out after laminating. Glue the printout to a stiff backing such as a piece of 1/4″ thick cardboard and attach the knob with a simple thumbtack.

3. For a high quality version, glue the laminated diagram to a piece of stiff plastic, bakelite or thin plywood (silicon “goop” is good for this.) Then mount rubber feet underneath at the corners. This give you a solid device that can sit on a tabletop.

3. Cut a small hole through the center of the knob, and another hole through the center of the dial on the diagram. Use a suitable length and diameter screw, washers and bolt to fasten the dial to the diagram, so it rotates freely.

  How to use the Machine

Here are the particular instructions for using the controls of the Hieronymus Machine.

Basic operation:

1. Place a power object, such as a crystal, or a watch battery on top of the “POWER” section.

2. (Optional) Prepare the machine for work by exposing to bright sunlight or by waving a strong magnet over it for at least ten seconds, a few inches above the surface in a random pattern.

3. Place the witness sample on top of the round spiral (leaf clipping, hair, fur, photograph or other witness that represents the target.)

4. Stroke the stick pad while concentrating on the purpose of the work. Starting with the pointer on “0″, turn the tuning dial until a stick reaction is felt on the fingers stroking the pad. If you dial all the way to the “100″ without a reaction, turn it back-and-forth and keep scanning until you get a reaction. Alternatively, you can use a pendulum suspended over the Sensor Pad instead of using your fingertips. Tune the dial until you get a pendulum reaction.

5. Release your fingers from the stick pad and the Machine will continuously broadcast the tuned intention to the target.