IDMIDMA is a New Age system of personal development deveoped in 2010 by New Age teacher, Dr. John Rodgers. It is a technique that opens the individual to realizing happiness and satisfaction. After all, what is the point of living if you can can't be happy?


Wonderful news, happiness is one of the few things over which each of us has complete control. We can choose to be happy .anytime we want.That's right .... We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can always choose to be happy. No one has ever suggested this to you before. But is true and it is your path to happiness.

The source of unhappiness is not what is happening or that is going to happen or that might happen sometime in the future. The source of unhappiness is the individual's idea of what that event or action MEANS.  We are blinded by the MEANING of things that has been programmed into us.

The only way anything can make us unhappy is if we have decided that it will. You can name almost any action.  Setting extreme pain aside, canyou think of anything that makes one person unhappy that would not please someone else? It's not the action that causes the unhappiness or pleasure. It is the individual's attitude about the action or event.  For example: Some people get extreme pleasure for ingesting extremely spicy food, food that might cause someone else extreme discomfort.  Then there is masochism. Some people get extreme satisfaction from giving up something, while with others the thought of giving up something causes extreme emotional pain.

You were born with almost no programming, just a few  simple survual programs. Many security, sensation and control MEANINGS were programmed into us during the first few years. when our mind was immature and completely at the mercy of outside programming. Those programs still contro your reactions to the world today.   None of these things MEAN anything. It's just a programmed association.  Essentially it is a sickness.

To become well, all you have to do is to ignore the MEANING of things. Things MEAN absolutely nothing. Don't let nothing control your lives.  Say IDMIDMA.

IDMIDMA = It Doesn't Matter It Doesn't Mean Anything. = IDMIDMA.

Use this mantra whenever you get upset and, with time, you will find peace as you realize that you do not have to react to the things that happen to you in life. You do not have to react emotionally in a negative manner.


But, of course, simply “understanding it is not enough.You must FORCE it deep into your mind so that it replaces the MEANINGS that now trigger the unhappy feelings and negative reactions that disrupt your life.It takes a strong man or a strong woman to do this.  But you can do it. It is an incredibly wonderful experience to see yourself progress from a state of occasional happiness to a state where happiness is a part of every moment of your life.