Jesus in America? Almost 2000 years ago a mysterious white man walked from tribe to tribe among the American nations. He came to Peru from the Pacific, he travelled through South and Central America, among the Mayans, into Mexico and all of North America, then back to ancient Tula, from whence he departed across the Atlantic to the land of his origin.


Legends were told by the fireside of a “saintly white teacher,” who performed miracles with healing and control over the winds, waters, and other natural items. All describe his eyes as gray-green like the ocean and told stories of the future. His symbol has been woven into blankets, carved on canyon walls, put on pottery and danced in dances. His name has been given to mountains and rivers.


Though the stories are many and spread throughout the Americas, they are broken into bits and pieces, hard to follow and piece together into one tale. His name varied, most names were reflective of his control over the wind and water.

Common to almost all:

*He was a white man with a beard
*He said He came from across the sea
*He would choose twelve “disciples”
*He spoke of His Father’s Kingdom
*He wore a bright white garment with golden sandals
*He made references to the future
*He had control over the wind and all elements
*He had the ability to heal wounds
*His sign was the cross
*He taught love and peace
*He taught that good deeds were important
*He referred them to the Dawn Star

The Shawnee said the Prophet told them….”Do not kill or injure your neighbor, for it is not he that you injure; you injure yourself. Do good to him, thus adding to his days of happiness even as you then add to your own. Do not wrong or hate your neighbor; for it not he that you wrong: you wrong yourself. Rather love him, for the Great Spirit loves him, even as He loves you.”


The Algonquin said they received their name for the Dawn Light from the Pale One. They wouldn’t name the Prophet as he had asked them to do. They wanted to know what he was called where he grew up and he told them a name that was strange and hard to say. But they tried hard to say it: Chee-ZoosGod of the Dawn Light, basically the same as the Piutes.


The Chippewa remember the “pale Great Master.” They tell he gave them medicine lodges