FFOR those who wish to master the art of magick there are numerous tools which may be of value. Some of these are amulets, charms, and talismans. They are generally objects inscribed with a magick phrase or sign that symbolizes something invisible. They are worn or carried to avert harm, ward off misfortune, protect against danger, to bring health and attract love, luck and favorable conditions.

These magical tools are available in various forms—the proverbial rabbit’s foot which is carried to attract good luck, a particular gem made into a ring or pendant to attract certain vibrations, a horseshoe hung over the doorway to bring good fortune into the home, or a four-leaved clover under the heel of the left shoe to bring fame, wealth, love, and health.

A great many of these symbolic tools have been made into a paper talisman commonly known as a seal. Belief in the powers of these talismanic seals is as oldas the ages—perhaps Cromagdon man’s cave paintings were done to assure a successful hunt, deter danger, or secure a mate. Today a multitude of people around the world seals to obtain power, success, or wealth. Jewish families placed a sacred seal in a case called a Mezuzah and attach it at the entrance of the home. Pennsylvania Dutch seals, called hex signs, are painted on buildings to protect, bring rain, or to attract happiness and joy. There are seals designed for both good and evil, for the various spirits, angels, demons, and devils who are believed to rule the other world, for protection, power, and prosperity—for almost every imaginable situation or condition.

Seal are printed or drawn on fine quality parchment paper with ink. If you choose to make your own talisman, any seal to be used for white magic or good purposes should be drawn with Dove’s Blood ink while those designed for black magic or evil purposes should be drawn with Dragon’s Blood ink.

If you do not wish to make your own seal, most of the seals can be purchased from a good New Age store. Parchment paper and the proper inks can also be obtained through these same shops.

When you have the seal that you want to use, the first act—a very important part of magick work—is to consecrate the seal. If the seal is for your own personal benefit, write your full name and your birth-date on the reverse side. If the seal is to be used upon another, their name and birth-date should be inscribed. If the seal is designed to work on two or more persons, write all names and birth-dates on the back of the seal. After the names of those involved in the spell are written, the request should be written in a few words. Then, place the talisman between the palms and press the hands together in a “praying hands” position. Hold the hands to the center of the chest, both thumbs in direct contact with the body, and repeat sincerely three times, "0 Eternal and Infinite Spirit, with humility I ask, with love I invite, and with faith I beseech thee. Infuse this token with the virtue of power and the force of universal strength."

After being consecrated, the seal should never be touched by others as its powers could be diminished if handled by any other than the owner. Each talisman can be used time and time again, but by one person only and for one purpose only. If your objective changes, destroy the seal by fire and obtain a new one for the altered purpose. The seal should be kept clean and protected at all times.

Seals can be used in various ways and one must decide which is the most convenient and effective for him. There is no one correct way—just placing the properly inscribed seal under a candle with incense may bring a quick result for a simple problem while a complex situation would probably require more concentrated effort on the part of the petitioner.

Here are several different methods. You may select the method you prefer.

1) A seal is put under the candle with design side upward, the petition or request is written on the downward side. Say aloud your request, along with the ritual or prayer you have chosen. Light the candle and let it burn completely. Then destroy the seal by burning it in a fireproof dish or an incense burner, and scatter the ashes outside the home. Choose an appropriately colored candle, based on your objectives.

Several different incenses can be mixed together and used when one’s problems are complicated or difficult to solve. When the incense has burned, the seal is to be destroyed by fire and scattered outside the home.

Oils or powders may be used to assist one in increasing the forces of magic in the talisman seal. To anoint the seal with oil, rub the selected essence on the tip of the middle finger and apply lightly to each corner of the seal, then move the finger clockwise around the edge of the seal spreading the oil completely over all edges. This is done on the design side of the seal. Anoint your seals once every seven days

Seals can be kept in the home. Many who do this like to place them near a window under a crystal so that the sunlight strikes the design, infusing it with the powers of the sun’s rays. After your spell is accomplished, burn the seal and scatter the ashes to the wind.

Many magicians say the greatest power and potency is obtained from a talisman when it is worn or carried by the possessor—except when the seals is designed to effect others. These are placed on the property or person of the other person.

For those who want to carry the seals with them at all times, they can be placed in any small carrying case. A talisman case can be as simple as the popular red flannel bag, or a chamois or leather ·bag which serves the same purpose but is more durable. Other talisman cases are also available—beautiful brocade materials or silk with hand embroidered designs on them. Seals can be folded and placed inside hinged or “secret compartment” rings. They can be placed in lockets, or any other case-type pendants and worn about the neck as a necklace.

Another method of using seals is to wear it so that it is in direct contact with the body, and this is recommended for particularly difficult cases, or if other methods have failed. The seal should be rolled into a cylinder (the shape of a cigarette) and tied with string or ribbon long enough so that it can be tied around the neck and the seal can hang between the breasts. Roll the seal with the written petition toward the inside, the design facing outward.

If you have decided on carrying or wearing a seal, it should be touched with the hands at least twice a day with your thoughts focused upon your objective. To make contact with those mystical forces which can assist you, select a quiet time and place. Be alone if at all possible as others close by may interfere with your concentration. Banish tension, disorderly notions, and confusion from the mind. You must have inner serenity in order to allow the great forces of magnetism to flow through you. Allow yourself several minutes to attain this calmness of body and mind which is absolutely essential before the creative forces which are within you can take over to guide and assist you toward a tranquil, healthy, courageous, and productive life.

Once you are at peace, touch the seal with the fingertips, or hold it in the hands and concentrate on the symbolic design and your request. No exact words are necessary—use your own personal favorite meditations, or read from the Psalms. The major requirement for success is to focus the mind upon the objective with all the inner force at your disposal. You can have everything and anything you want by asking for it if you have sufficient faith and confidence. You must have a belief in the powers you are using, and you must know that you can accomplish that which you attempt. Do not allow doubt to enter your mind. As you ask for something you must visualize it as an already accomplished fact or a completed mission. If you do this, the reality will come into being. Be aware of alternative solutions you may have failed to grasp before.

Use your seal, along with your meditation or prayers, several times each day, for a minimum of seven consecutive days. Belief is the most important secret that can be revealed to you. If you believe there is a solution to a problem or ‘a pathway to your goal, in belief you will find the answer or the way. You will achieve the mental magnetism you have been lacking in order to conquer your enemies, resolve your dilemmas, overcome the obstacles, and control your destiny.