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In 1967 a young book store manager, John Rodgers, organized a small metaphysical study group in his home to study the tarot and its origins. Psychics and astrologers participated and they became involved in almost everything metaphysical, table tipping, the Ouija Board, psychic readings, and aura reading. It was perhaps the very first metaphysical study group in the Valley.

The city took the land  the home was on to build a freeway. In 1971 he built a home in SW Phoenix and held meetings there.  He was inspired to take a vow of poverty and turned the house over to he group. He came to be known as Dr. John.

During one of their sessions using the Ouija Board they were given a symbol. Dr. John found a copy of the symbol in an ancient Rosicrucian book and with it was an omega symbol. They made a copy of the complete illustration and put it on the speaker's stand.  Soon he group came to be known as the Omega Group.

Until this time professional psychic reading was against the law in Phoenix. To offer an opportunity for psychic reading to be possible, the group re-organized itself as a non-profit church, calling itself the Order of Omega. The church could then offer legal protection for psychic readers.

The church purchased a section of Al's Family Bookstore on E. Van Buren in Phoenix and named it the Alpha Book Center. In 1972 a metaphysical publication, a monthly flyer listing all the metaphysical churches and organizations in the Valley with their events. It came to be called the Omega Directory.  Soon it began to report the news. The Church, using the voice of the Omega Directory, got the City of Phoenix to repeal the 50-year-old law against psychic reading, freeing psychics and astrologers to do readings As a result of this change in the law fraudulent psychic readers (or Gypsies) set up shops, cheating the public and giving a bad name to psychic reading. Through the Omega Directory,the church began a campaign against them. The gypsies attacked the church, spray painting obscenities on Dr. Rodgers’ car and smashing the front window by throwing the paint can through it, but Dr. Rodgers continued the campaign to protect the public.

The Church has actively fought for equal rights for Wiccans and Pagans and urging them to "come out of the closet". The Church openly defended and explained their beliefs in the media.

In 1981 the Church renamed itself the New Age Community Church. In 1984, the Healing Hands program began training students for spiritual hands-on healing.

In 1988 a seminary program began preparing students for New Age ministry.

The website,, was began in the 1990s. In 2008, when the Omega Directory discontinued publishing a paper newspaper, the Directory was moved to that website.

In 2015,  after 47 years, the Alpha Book Center was closed and began to operate solely as an on-line store.