Psychic Attack is negative energy sent out by physical or non-physical beings with the intent to inflict harm on the emotional, physical, spiritual or mental level.

(While we were setting up this page, we encountered a lot of difficulty and strange things kept happening. As we tried to correct the situation, it was almost as if some forces were trying to direct us to this information to release it to the public.)

If you believe that you are the target of the magick or psychic attack, your best bet is to ignore it and know that you are always safe. In most cases, if you think you are under psychic attack, chances are you are not. However, on rare occasions it does occur. When it does occur, it is most common that the attack is a manifestation of the attackers anger and rage and not a calculated magical act.

The first thing you should do, is try to ignore it. In most cases, if you pay it no attemction and do no respond to it, it will go away. Many people find this difficult. For them we suggest is to simply: tell it to leave! If that sounds simple, it is.It is so simple that it works and can work quite powerfully.

If still feel the need to do something, purchase several reversing candles (red candles coated in black), annoint them with reversing oil, place them a close to the head of your bed as you can safely do and burn them for several days.  That should do the trick.  If this does not satify you, try a banishing ritual and the I.O.B. Technique.

The "I" stands for "identify." The first thing to do is identify the true source of the problem. The "O" stands for "objectify." This is done by giving a shape to the source, if it does not already have a shape. The technique requires that you make a visualized mock-up of it to be used as a basis for visualization.  The image is not absolutely required. All you have to do is visualize it.  Visualize it as strongly as possible.

Now take out a knife. and visualize numerous strands of energy, like white sinews, stretching out around the subject of the attack.  Step forward and start cutting those cords - like a hot knife going through butter. Saw back and forth to sever them.

Once they were severed, step between the victim and the attacker. Now visualize  pentagrams flying into the attacker.

Finally, do the "B," or the  banishing.- i.e. perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram around the victim. (The instructions for this technique and the Banishing Ritual can be found in Michael Kraig's book Modern Magick.)