Psychic Massage is a healing massage system that focuses on the etheric and astral bodies, the chakras and the kundalini.


Psychic massage was developed simultaneously and independently in the early '70s by Sagarpriya and by Dr. John Rodgers: 

Sangarpriya (known then as Roberta Delong Miller) developed  Psychic Massage while directing the massage program at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. She wrote her first book, "Psychic Massage", in 1975. Sagarpriya says psychic massage is a way for the therapist to share love through bodywork. The client feels accepted as he is, relaxes deeply and experiences trust.


Dr. Rodgers, a New Age counselor in Phoenix, Arizona, evolved Psychic Massage over a period of years, combining the lymphatic massage of Edgar Cayce with tantric therapy and various other systems until he had a method that worked most powerfully.  "We are actually working with the etheric body," he says. "The physical body just comes along for the ride."


 Through sensitive touch and psychic consciousness the therapist creates a space where the client naturally connects again with the inner self.
How does the Psychic Massage work?
Your body holds memories of everything that you have ever experienced in this lifetime. Likewise your auric energy field holds memories of everything that you have ever felt (physically or emotionally). Together these systems provide most of the "programs" that operate your life..Sometimes these programs are malfunctioning or no longer needed and then they can create negative and limiting systems in your life, causing you pain and distress.

Psychic Massage works on those physical and auric memory banks and alters the origins of any issue - be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual- and the set of symptoms they are creating.

There is a simple 15-30 minute release process which cleans out your system. And once the old programs have been broken up, you can begin to create new, healthier programs. The limitations and pain can be replaced with new, expanded programs which can begin to manifest positively in your life. It is that simple.

Throughout the session you are fully alert, aware in a full participant. The process in gently, safe, uplifting, empowering and immediately effective.


What happens in an energy massage session?


During a Psychic Massage, you become aware of those places in yourself which already say “yes” to life.  Psychic Massage focuses on building your health, building your love, so that this atmosphere gently invites a relaxation in the whole of the body/mind.

The session starts with the client laying face down on the table and either a sheet or blanket is draped over them.  The shoulders, arms, back, hips and legs are gently massaged with a gentle touch. At this point the client should already begin to feel much more balanced, centered and whole.

The practitioner is using psychic energy to open the Chakras.

A Psychic Massage not only eases the body's aches, pains, and tensions but can balance the chakras, raise the kundalini and open the client to higher levels of consciousness.

The trained practitioner has developed his/her psychic ability so as to be able to radiate healing energy.  And, through training and experience, learned to "read" the aura and psychic energy of the client and know exactly what changes to make and where.

A Psychic Massage reconnects you with that part of yourself that lies beyond all problems and conflicts. It supports a state of resting within yourself, where you feel relaxed and you don’t wish to change anything because the moment is full and complete.


Does Psychic Massage always work?

No method of healing works all the time on everybody. This is true of orthodox medicine as well as alternative healing. Any system that claims to heal everything is a fraud.

     Two types of pain do not respond well to Psychic Massage:

    Pain from nerve exposure, such as a toothache, can to eased by Psychic Massage but not totally removed.

     Pain from poisonous plants, insects and reptiles can only be eased, not removed, until the poison has been removed.

     Allergies do not respond well to Psychic Massage

     Additionally, Psychic Massage is less effective it the subject has been drinking or is under the influence of pain-killing.

     Cortisone shots may render Psychic Massage useless in the area of the shot