Psychic Vampire is, n the words of Anton LaVey, "psychic vampires are individuals who drain others of vital energy".

A psychic vampire feeds upon the victim's life force without ever physically injuring the victim. Proximity and emotional closeness are all a psychic vampire needs to feed. Psychic vampires find it easy to choose victims who are weak-willed.

Psychic vampirism, has only recently begun to be studied by modern science in a serious and valid manner.

Whereas the blood sucking variety of vampires exist only in the imagination of many people, psychic vampires are a very real thing. And unlike fictional vampires, psychic vampires attack in broad daylight.

More often than not, the psychic vampire is not aware that he is draining energy from his victims. He feels good because he has soaked up your energy, whereas you feel worn out and tired. He seeks out people to get more of this “good feeling”. Usually, the lost energy is replaced shortly after the psychic vampire leaves, though some victims feel tired for hours afterward.

Even though most of them are not aware what they are doing, psychic vampires return to the same individual day after day, year after year, although some psychic vampires feed on different people each time.

Some psychic vampires are very evil people who freely choose to drain the energy of their victims. More often than not psychic vampires are just people who unwittingly take other people's energy because they waste their own.

How can you tell if someone is a psychic vampire?

Basically you can tell if a person is a psychic vampire because you feel emotionally or physically drained after they have left your presence.

The first vampires were mentioned 5000 years ago by the ancient Summerians who called them ekimmu, meaning evil gust of wind. The Sumerians believed vampires drained the life force from people by absorbing their psychic energy.

There are several classic types of vampires and most of us know at least one.

The first type are people who talk to you on the telephone until you feel absolutely drained.

Another vampire is the "pity me" or "poor me" type who drains energy by being constantly depressed or depressing. This type attaches itself to strong people until that person is drained of energy.

Another type likes to make people angry. The best way to deal with this type is to stay calm and not emit energy.

People who constantly arrive late and know you are waiting can be another form of vampire because you send them energy by waiting for them to turn up.

Those who constantly need to be on show or around others can be psychic vampires as they need to feed on the energy of others to make them 'high'.

The simplest way to protect one's self from a psychic vampire is to avoid that person.