Raising the Kundalini is a concept found throught the ancient world in symbol and concept. We can see throughout history the repetition of certain Sacred Symbols. One of them is the Serpent which was usually found in the Ancient Temples devoted to spirit wisdom.  The serpent is especially evident in the religious myth of Adam and Eve. The Serpent represents two things...Wisdom and Eternal Life.

             In the Genesis story, the serpent (nachash) lost his wings and he was forced to the lowest parts of man, partaking of material existence.

Most of the action in this chapter takes place between the Serpent and the Woman. The kundalini is a female serpent. The word Sanskrit word “kunda” is the source of the ancient Indo/European word “cunt”. Thus hinting of a close connection between the woman, sex and higher consciousness.

And this is so: For the sexual energy in woman naturally rises higher than it does in man. In woman it rises up through the uterus and the ovaries, while in man in sinks to the testicles.

 Eastern religious teachings speak of the Kundalini rising. The ancient symbol for this is a snake at the base of the spine that begins to uncoil as it rises. As this divine force passes through each chakra, an awakening happens every step along the way. This upward movement of life-force leads to total enlightenment. As the sexual energy is gradually drawn upwards, instead of being experienced only in the lower chakras, there is an awakening in the higher chakras..

It is interesting how many modern religions proclaim that the height of achievement is to move beyond sexuality. This has be passed down to them from the early Christians who believed that matter was evil. They believed that the devil had trapped man in a physical body. And that woman worked with the devil to seduce men and cause them to procreate other material bodies which would trap yet another soul. These religious ideas have polluted all of Christianity, separating us from the earthiness, sensuality and richness of our physical form

Sex aligns the body into a state of health and opens gateways to higher dimensions. Sexual expression is a manifestation of both the physical and spiritual realms. This is a balance that is needed to fulfill our divine purpose. The blindness of Christian religion  has kept us ignorant about the true nature of sex on Earth. We are told it is a physical act necessary for procreation. when in reality, it isan extraordinary cosmic event

When you become sexual and do the dance that starts your hormones, your whole body lines up along lines of  polarity. Your body turn into a powerful magnetic generator. This heightened electromagnetic force creates a sacred balance within you. It is through this force field that your inner bodies unite and you are able to rise to higher worlds.

The healing will come as you begin to understand  this vital force that is called sexuality. Most humans use their sexuality in a way that degenerates rather than regenerates. Ego and emotionalism cause us to use sex to possess and control, weakening the Kundalini energy.  The individual must surrender and let go, then the Kundalini energy can freely rise.
The genitals are a sacred portal in your body housing the tools of spiritual transformation. When you learn how to use this portal, it can serve as an opening into the realms beyond time.  Stay open . . . re-evaluate your present sexual beliefs and explore your limits.
Sexuality is a gift from God to be used for creation, pro-creation and spiritual development.

Brahmadvara:(Sanskrit) -The Brahma Knot, The  door where the kundalini enters the spine. Technically speaking, the Kundalini is considered awakened when the shell of the Kundalini is broken and so is the knot of the Base Chakra, referred to as the Brahma Knot since this knot is very close to the Kundalini Center. It is associated with cocyccical body.

 After the Kundalini energy opens the the heart chakra, the  Kundalini energy can flow easier toward different parts of the body.When the Kundalini opens the third and last big chakra knot at the ajna (third eye chakra), called the Rudra, the person is only one step away from getting the crown chakra open. As the crown chakra opens, one will be able to achieve self realization, cosmic realization, and then Yoga.

Signs of the rising kundlaini

– feeling different, not fitting in
– a deep dissatisfaction or a yearning for inner development
– inner sensations of light, sound, current, or heat
– a heightened inner or outer awareness; increased sensitivity
– feelings of energy flowing or vibrating within
– special abilities, capacities, and talents
– non-ordinary phenomena; altered states
– spontaneous bodily movements or breathing patterns
– emotional fluctuations; psychological issues coming forward
– atypical sensations or sensitivities
– an interest in spiritual growth or in metaphysics or the esoteric
– compassion and a desire to help others
– a sense that something non-ordinary, transformative, or holy is happening within
– personal development, and optimally, spiritual transformation and realization

Kundalini Shakti’s efforts to improve her status can affect the subtle body (mind and energy), causing a variety of experiences, including subtle body activities that feel physical. People can have a Kundalini release at some point in their lives, or they can begin this lifetime born with an active Kundalini process. They may be aware of something special going on, or they may not realize it until the process ripens later in life. Kundalini process can be experienced as pleasant and gentle or as dramatic and uncomfortable. One need not be having a “spiritual emergency” to be having a deep Kundalini process.