Affirmations are a useful method of programming your mind to act in a particular way. By consistently repeating  affirmations to yourself, you create subconscious programs. These new, programs will replay automatically throughout your life reinforcing the inner-image you have of yourself and your life in general. Affirmations can be a key tool in bringing about change in your life, whether it be in the form of maintaining health, personal change or bringing new  situations into your life.  They work on both the conscious and unconscious levels.

Your happiness and your success in life is determined by the thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind. Positive affirmations are powerful statements that are used to build a positive internal dialog. By replacing old, negative thinking with new, positive subconscious thoughts you’ll be able to access the endless resources of positive energy you have within yourself. And you’ll be able to create a new, positive reality for yourself.

The power of affirmations is only limited by your personal conviction.  If the affirmation is done half-heartedly, the results will be only partial or even reverse. But if you fully believe in achieving the goal you have affirmed, both mind and soul, then the situation is almost certain to be achieved.

One simple method

Print your affirmation on a 3x5 index card and carry it with you during the day. Make it a habit to read it through at least in the morning and evening during a quiet time. Or you can simply repeat a positive phrase in front of the mirror, in the car, or write it on paper. 

Mirror Technique:

This technique is great for helping you see yourself as beautiful. 

Stand in front of the mirror, preferably in underwear or naked. Start at one end of your body & work to the other end finding as many nice things to say about your body as you can. For example: "I love my ears. They hear well and enable me to listen. They have a beautiful shape. I love my wonderful ears." 

Doing this techniques helps you find and appreciate more of you. All of your body does important functions. Your eyes see, ears hear, nose smells, and heart pumps blood.

Anywhere technique:

Whenever you catch yourself thinking something you would rather not, here is a technique that works rather well. It is based on NLP techniques.

Hear the phrase you said diminishing in volume until it disappears, then hear the phrase you want to say grow louder.

Alternately, you can see the "picture" of what you didn't like go spin away from you and have the picture of what you do want spin towards you.

Writing Technique:

This technique can be used to change you life. Perhaps it will work well for you. 

Simply sit down at a table and write what you would like in your life 15 times every day. An example is: "I am healthy, happy, wise and free". When you are done know that the universe is taking care of it

Trash Can Technique:

Good for getting rid of negative thoughts. 

Whenever you find something you don't like. Write it down and throw it into the trash. By doing this, you are telling the universe, I want to be done with this problem, please help me work through it and be done with it.

Meditation Technique:

Look for divine inspiration while repeating your affirmation  

Sit quietly and ask your inner guide, universe, God, and/or guardian angel (whatever fits your belief system) for insights, help and guidance. Then quietly repeat your affirmation for 10-15 minutes. Sit quietly for 5 minutes afterwards for any insights.

Integration Technique:

While repeating your affirmation, actively think of ways to integrate your affirmation into your life. For example: if your affirmation is "I have a great (     )", find ways of acheiving this goal.


Some popular affirmations:

"I feel loved every moment."

"I am healthy."

"I am happy."

"I take charge of my life."

"My eyes see clearly see the world around me."

"I am wise."

"I am a spark of divine love."

"I am free."

"I listen to spirit everyday."

"I am beautiful."

There is a catch however:
As human beings we have the tendency to contradict ourselves. In other words, when we are speaking the words, "I am becoming wealthy", our unconscious mind is sending out the signal: You are not wealthy, you do not deserve wealth." This signal is sent out every time you use that affirmation. The solution is to program yourself to think better about yourself, to overcome the ANUBIS principle.