Christianity: The world's largest religion

We recommend that you read these items first. Otherwise the remaining information may not make much sense.
  1. A brief introduction to Christianity for persons unfamiliar with the religion. Topics covered are: its founders, history, and present status.
  2. A more detailed introduction to Christianity
    This menu contains links to essays that describe:
    bullet A very brief introduction to Christianity
    bullet Who is a Christian?
    bullet Divisions among Protestant denominations (Some people look upon the Protestant wing of Christianity as composed of two or more separate religions.)
    bullet Differences between Roman Catholicism and conservative Protestantism (There are major gaps, and they are growing.)
    bullet How Christians interpret the Bible. (They start with different assumptions and reach totally different conclusions.)
  3. Background information on Christianity, and why this website is very different from most religious sites.

About the Bible:

bullet Books in and out of the Bible: Content, stories, organization, origin, versions, inerrancy, forgeries, copying errors, inspiration, tools, early Gospels and Epistles that were never accepted into the Bible.....

bullet Codes in the Bible: Real, imaginary, or a hoax?

bullet The world and the Bible: archaeology; cosmology; prophecy; Wicca/Witchcraft and the Bible; are some Bible verses hate literature?

bullet Themes & topics in the Bible: A range of Christian interpretations about the Ten Commandments, abortion, anti-semitism, homosexuality, end of the world, salvation.... 
bullet Apparently immoral passages in the Bible: Incitements to genocide, intolerance, oppression, violence, etc. in the Bible.

Christian personalities:

bullet God, Jesus, Mary, and, of course, Satan & demons

Christianity, the religion:

bullet Beliefs, creeds, history, practices, rituals, schismatic forces, holy days, hoaxes, relics.
bullet Relations with, and comparisons to, other religions

Christian faith groups:

One source estimates that there are 34,000 separate Christian groups in the world.

We have attempted to sort them into:

bullet Four to seven meta-groups, (Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism......)
bullet Three wings, (conservative, mainline and liberal)
bullet Fifteen Religious families, (Adventist, Baptist, Lutheran, Reform....)
bullet Dozens of denominations, (from the Amish to The Way), and
bullet Many systems of belief (Arminianism, British Israelism, Calvinism...)